News (12/18) – Schedule & Site Updates

Hello everybody! Clement Wethers here. As you may have noticed if you’re reading this post, the site has a few sparkly additions: the news section, and an archive. Well, it’ll have an archive as soon as I can figure out the details. It has theĀ intention of an archive.

But on to the real reason for the post: there will be no new story update this Monday (12/23). Call it a moment of breathing room after the conclusion of the first plot arc. On 12/30 the story will continue with the first chapter of the second plot arc, and it is going to be a good one!

(No spoilers here, but there may or may not be some sort of ~~necromancy~~)

I am very pleased with the reception Tortus Bay has received so far, and I am incredibly grateful to those of you who choose to read it. I hope that all of you who are celebrating some sort of holiday this month enjoy yourselves, and I will be talking to you again real soon. =)